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Our Stats:


  • 22 Years in Education
  • The #1 Provider of Youth Training Worldwide
  • Over 1 million students per year
  • Over 50,000 Teachers Trained

Seeds Training designs and delivers training programs that build life, leadership, and learning skills in students, teachers, and professionals around the world.


Since 1993, we’ve worked with thousands of schools, companies, and non-profits to craft experiential training programs tailored to the unique needs of different organizations.


With long-running projects like the nationwide GEAR UP university access program and the Malaysian National Service character-building program, our curriculum reaches over 1 million students each year.


We make life easier for teachers by translating well-known theories like differentiated learning and state management into tactical skills they can deploy immediately in the classroom.


We partner with corporations to develop measurable training programs, aligned with company objectives, that help achieve their community investment goals.


We create powerful learning experiences by using methodologies such as brain-based learning (developing learning capacity), social and emotional learning (building empathy and emotional intelligence), and experiential learning (game-based simulations for learning).



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