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Partner with us to make a difference in the community!


When deciding what to do for your corporate social responsibility (CSR) work, look to Seeds as a partner. We are the world's number one provider of youth training programs and we have built hundreds of custom programs for partners looking for a way to connect their organization to the community


If your community investment efforts are going to include working with youth and developing the community through education, rely on our experience to help you achieve your goals. Our programs have made a difference in 16 countries around the world. We understand cultural distinctions, work in challenging environments, and believe that there is a universal desire to learn. Education is the cornerstone of any strong society. We are committed to youth and to improving education. We are seeking more corporate partners who share the same values so that youth around the world can have equal access to great educational resources.


Work with us to ensure your community investment program is effective. Together we can build a brighter future.



There is so much more to share with you about successful CSR projects that we had to create a special site. It's full of project summaries, testimonials from partners, clients and youth, plus videos  of the work.


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Featured Partners & Projects

"Making a difference doesn't get any easier than this."

- Makenna, KODAK



"Everybody wins. The kids loved it, our staff wants to do it again and our brand got great exposure."




"There are three reasons to utilize the Seeds programs as part  of your company’s community outreach: They make you look really good; their programs are far and away the best that you’ll find; the programs make an immediate impact in both the internal and external community."

- Armando, SHELL

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