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Now available in 3 or 5 day formats

Leader Launch is level two of our teen training series. This program moves students from awareness to action.


What sets some people apart from the rest?


The answer is leadership skills. Leadership can be learned and we have a simple system for tapping into human potential. Leader Launch is five full days of foundation building, behavior changing and confidence escalating training. This is the launch pad for young leaders.


The focus areas are :


  • value definition
  • developing strong personal integrity
  • decision making
  • communication power tools
  • improved public speaking
  • responsibility
  • role modeling

This month's featured Leader Launch Program:

The BIG 3 : NVP

Building Trust

Life Mapping

This challenge is a real-world simulation that teaches the 3 keys to standing out from the crowd:


How to be new and different.


How to add value in any situation.



How to demonstrate contagious levels of energy and passion.

We use our famous Win As Much As You Can game to learn three amazing ways to develop trust:


1. Model Consistently
Behavior speaks and sends a message to everyone around you. Model your values so that you attract others of similar values.


2. Frequency of Interaction
Great relationships are maintained by strong communication habits. Communicate frequently to build trust.


3. Make and Keep Agreements
Keep you word in situations big and small.


We teach the students to use powerful methods from the field of graphic facilitation. The result is a visually stimulating, brain-friendly life map complete with goals, obstacles, resources, deadlines and habits. These "Life Maps" help students to remain focused and  challenge them to pursue a variety of goals that are both personal and academic.

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