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Our parent training programs teach:


  • Communication
  • Goal-setting
  • Rapport Building
  • Coaching Tools
  • Brain-based learning
  • Creative Problem-solving
  • Social and Emotional Skills
  • And more!

Our team works with thousands of students each year and we've turned our experience into valuable insights and tools for parents.


Parents have always asked us how our camps and workshops have created such great results for their kids – social and emotional development, improved communication skills, and a responsibility for their own learning.


Helping parents reinforce those results makes the lessons stick, and leads to positive academic and behavioral changes that really last.


Kids don’t come with a manual…but we’re working on it.


Parenting is never easy, but we’ve crafted 4 half-day workshops for parents to help them learn new skills and methods they can use to help improve their communication and understanding with their children.


Flexible support for parents everywhere


We’ve delivered our parenting workshops with schools, PTAs, companies, residential groups, social clubs, and more, so we’re available when you need us.  Contact us today to arrange a parenting workshop for your community!


We currently offer four 3 hour workshops for parents:

How Your Child Learns

All kids are born with tremendous learning capabilities but most have styles that are hard to adjust to the structures of the classroom – know which way your child learns best!


How to Coach Your Child

Develop simple coaching frameworks, feedback models, and rapport-building strategies.


How to Motivate Your Child

Learn how to help your kids overcome lapses in motivation and procrastination with 6 steps to boost motivation – works for adults too!


Goal-setting and Planning

Understand how to help your child take long-term goals and break them into easily achievable short-term goals.


Contact us today to coordinate a parent event in your community.

Our current programs:

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