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Our professional development programs focus on:


  • Developing Brain Capacity
  • Advanced Curriculum Design
  • Behavior & State Management
  • Accelerated Learning Tools
  • Experiential & Project-Based Learning
  • Facilitation Tactics
  • Inclusion & Engagement

Our H.I.T. (Hook, Immerse, Transfer) teaching program makes life easier for teachers by translating well-known theories like differentiated learning and state management into tactical skills they can deploy immediately in the classroom.


Educators are tired of lengthy theoretical trainings that chew up their valuable professional development days.


They want and deserve trainings that give them immediately useful tactics and skills for the classroom.


We have been developing the H.I.T. System for over 20 years and have delivered training programs for educators in more than 30 countries. In that time, we have worked relentlessly to:

Minimize theory and maximize application

Many “cutting edge” theories become artificially complex quickly, and therefore difficult to deploy. We translate current educational research into tools that are ready-to-use and easy to apply in the classroom.


Make learning fun

Learning happens faster and lasts longer when it is enjoyable.  We use experiential methods, simulations, and games to


Work with the brain

Thanks to advancements in technology in recent decades, we’ve learned more than ever before about how learning happens within the brain.  We must use this information to create shifts in our teaching practice.


Connect and share

There are great teachers everywhere and they are creating new methods and solutions everyday. We are in the unique position to connect those educators from different parts of the world and enable collaboration on a larger scale.


We Deliver

The H.I.T. Teacher Training programs are designed to model all the tactics we use in our youth programs [link to youth programs]. They are dynamic, experiential, fully immersive, and relevant. Our trainers are world-class educators with years of experience with adults and youth. They've been in the classroom and they understand what teachers deal with every day.


Want us to prove it?

We are happy to come to your school and give you a preview...FREE!

We are confident that you will see, hear and feel the difference. We do a limited number of these free previews each month so contact us immediately to get on our calendar.

This month's featured program:

"A fluid and wonderfully designed process. The H.I.T. System has truly prepared our team to facilitate learning. We have the tools and resources to go well beyond anything we've done in the past."

- Kirk, Superintendent


Our current programs:

The HIT System is a comprehensive professional development program. It is fully experiential and each level requires a significant commitment. Each level is designed as a 5 day program. Click on the buttons below to learn more about each level of the system.

In-service Workshops

You can still do effective professional development in shorter engagements. We offer a variety of skill enhancing half and full day workshops. We have crafted a few that are most-demanded and we can also custom build an event to meet the needs of your team.


Learn more about our in-service workshops.

“The trainer and Seeds Training provide quality, energetic, effective... and strange as it may sound to professional organizations... fun trainings. Seeds has over a decade of experience in interactive and whole-brain based trainings. The trainer has worked with people in a wide range of ages and professions, and consistently delivers. If you are looking for trainings that your staff will remember and be moved by, use Seeds Training with confidence.”

Rob Dunton, Major Gifts Director, Cate School


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