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Our youth training programs teach:


• Communication

• Collaboration

• Goal-setting

• Perseverance and Resiliency

• Brain-based learning

• Creative Problem-solving

• Public Speaking

• Social and Emotional Skills

• And more!


If you ask great leaders what skills they use every day they talk about emotional capacity, working in teams, and solving complex problems.


Yet, most of these skills are not being taught in classrooms.


So where do students get these skills?


Our youth training programs bridge that gap, helping students to build life skills, leadership skills, and learning skills that last them a lifetime.


We work with schools, corporations, and NGOs to develop training programs that support students’ learning in school, and help them both inside and outside of the classroom.


We build proactive learners and responsible leaders because success demands more than just good test scores.


As students spend more class time focusing on content, universities and employers often find that young people lack the skills necessary to achieve real world success.


Today, companies around the world spend more money each year training new-hires, not in technical skills, but how to communicate effectively with clients, work productively in a team, and persevere through adversity.


When change is constant, learning is the ultimate skill – and learning should be fun!


Successful students become lifelong learners, with the curiosity and the skills to take responsibility of their own learning.


We equip students to take command of their own learning by helping them to identify and leverage their own unique learning style.


With projects running across North America, Asia, and Europe, our training programs reach over 1 million students every year.


We’ve designed hundreds of custom programs for schools, companies, and NGOs for students of all ages.

This month's featured program:

Our current programs:



 4 completely unique programs expertly designed to prepare teens for success in school and beyond. These programs are jam-packed with experiences and skills that will give any teen a real edge. Click on the program logos to learn more about each level.



The Star Series includes 4 programs that give young students an opportunity to develop productive academic, social and emotional habits at an early age.

Each 2 day program is designed to be fun and engaging.


Purple Star - Creativity and the Learning Styles

Blue Star - Teamwork and Problem Solving

Red Star - Communication and Relationships

Green Star - Commitment and Goal Setting


Learn more about the Star Series.

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